Saturday and late

Hi Guys! Sorry for the late update! Me and Francois was at a concert in Basel on Friday! With Ronnie Cuber! And today we had breakfast at the hotel and luck with Ronnie and his manager before we left for home It’s a Christmas shoe at the stables tomorrow and we could only ride in the indoor after 17.30! Also after 17.30 me and Niki could start to prepare for the sale tomorrow Just some of the things, we will put in more tomorrow!

So late riding! I started with Duc and Niki longed Alf’i at the same time! Haha! Great picture of me and Duc😂

I rode Alf’i after Duc, since he was longed he was calm and good! Then Ice Tea, me and him are in High Jumping at the Christmas show tomorrow so he had to word loads today, so he would be calm tomorrow! So he was loose a little in the indoor and after I rode dressage on him!

Picsou No I have to pack more stuff for tomorrow and the sale from 14.00-20.30 tomorrow

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