Sunday and the big sale

I was up to 03.00 in the morning packing for the sale! Luckily I cloud sleep to 08.00😅

We had pancakes for breakfast as always in the weekend, and since I was not home on Friday I had two windows to open in the colander today! Then me and Francois went to the stables! Christmas show for me and Ice Tea today! Made him beautiful with plaits and his competition gear High jumping for us! As high as the side bars was at least! Did some jumps with one hand! Ice Tea was super and did really good as always!

After the Christmas show we took care of Ice and started to take the last stuff in for the sale! Before the sale stated me and Niki had time to walk Duc and Alf’i! I did a little live stream on instawe also walked Cal’i and Jill! Ice Tea had been out since he was ridden on the Christmas show, and it was to many people around to be able to take out Picsou, he is very very fresh! ❤️Francois was helping out a lot, he is the cash man Me and Niki getting ready to let the people in! I am wearing Chanel boots and Chanel belt + JEM black riding pants, work as good as riding pants as normal pants! A lot of people came and all was sold! OMG LOOK AT THIS ONE 😍When the sale was finished we cleaned up and walked the horses again! Me and ❤️Francois went home and Niki went to Mc Donalds! Had to say many times on insta that all was sold! cozy time with ❤️Francois in the evening!

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