Thursday, 3 days to 🎅🏻🎄🎁 and jumping

Got up extramly early because we wanted to jump and had to be finished before 11!

So building the jumps, jumping and building out again,- before 11!

We all helped, me, ❤️Francois and Niki!

I started with Duc, he is the fastest to ride, because he is not in the best shape and can’t warm up that long and he is most of the time really good and me and him knows each other so well so we don’t have to do the exercises so many times!Francois was helping out with giving the horses carrots after training <<
ext was Alf'i, and it was also for a reason, because of the saddles they use, Duc can use his saddle and Alf's saddle but Ice Tea can't use the saddle of Alf

Anyway, Alf was great today, very relaxed! We did not jump so much today because all went good and you should not jump your horse on max every time Good boy Alf Ice Tea’s turn to jump after Alf’i❤️Francois is helping me a lot with him for the moment! We are all the time focused on the big powerful strides! Getting me and the horse used to being in control in a bigger phase! Easier to do inside, 😂no place for him to run and get top speed! we had a gymnastic line and a line oxer vertical 3 strides!

❤️Francois feeding Ice’i Then was Calla! The Giraffe Jumper! What can I say, she was also good! It’s amazing how I could get around the corner with this big Giraffe to the line! She did so well! I will post the film on Instagram so can see how tight it was! Good Girl Giraffe! Here you can really see how big she is I wanted to ride Jill a little bit also, but she was not feeling well today so just hand walking!

Then Picsou! And please pay attention to my Christmas sweater! Haha, know I wear it a lot lately! But I am spreading the holiday spirit! To match it, black JEM riding breeches, red and green Gucci scarf, red Gucci belt, my black/brown/ gold Kep Italia helmet!

It is going well with Picsou and I have big hopes he will come back strong and fit next year!

In the evening me and ❤️Francois attended a Christmas Party🎅🏻🎄🎁💎🎉☃️

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