Friday and snow shoveling ❄️☃️

It’s full winter here and all the paddocks had been cleaned for snow except for Ice Tea’s! Since he is only out in his little paddock during the nigh and he is inside in the day when the other horses are outside I think the stable people did not think it was necessary to clean his paddock!

But since Niki is on Holidays, and me and Francois also are going to take some holidays I felt it was important that he could go out in the night like he use to, so he does not have to stay to much inside the box!

They all come out to longe, be free in the indoor, ride or walked in the day! But no bid paddock now, cause everything is snowed down!

The snow was like ice, so really heavy! But slowly slowly with the company of Picsou, Duc, Alf and Call’i I made it! I only walked the guys today! And they are fresh! Maybe Duc and Alf’i a little tired after the jumping yesterday!

Me and Francois has been to the gym, that was good! To much snow to do my cardio mountain for the moment!

Other than that I am now making some small adjustment to the Christmas tree 🎄🎅🏻🎁 and me and ❤️Francois will have a romantic dinner😍Look how handsome ❤️Francois❤️ is😍 I am really looking forward to some calm Christmas days where I don’t have to do anything! Just be cozy with my 👑KING❤️

Btw, when Louis Vuitton send out their commercial emails this little one is jumping around! I tried to screenshot his movements, really cute

2 thoughts on “Friday and snow shoveling ❄️☃️”

  1. I also look forward to🎅 Christmas🌲 and the holidays.
    After a workday from 13 hours, it’s always relaxing to read your blog!
    Poor Ice Tea, not fair he was the only one who couldn’t get outside 3😥
    But he has a wonderful owner who solved the problem!

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