Started the day with massive cough attacks so even though I have to cough the slime in my chest up we asked the Doctor for some cough syrup so I would not cough to I cry at the party tonight.

Was a bit tired after all the coughing so the breakfast was not exceptional today, lucky me ❤️Francois is my man and had love and understanding for it and did not complain at all ❤️ thank you darling

When breakfast was taken and clothes for tonight was packet me and ❤️Francois went to check on the horses!

They were to busy to talk to us, they had just been feed and wanted to eat!Well Duc looked at me for like 5 seconds to say hey and see that I did not have any carrots before he went back to eat ✨Picsou was the only one who wanted to talk, maybe because he was lame like one year and when he sees me he knows some action is coming his way and he would just love to do something fun 🐴💖⭐️💎We filled water to the horses that needed it! Said 🎉HAPPY 🍾🥂 NEW YEAR , to them and reminded them they are all the best and very much loved by us ✨

Back to the car and headed for Beau Rivage Palace where we spend New Years 🍾🥂🎉My outfit! Chanel cardigan, boots, bag, and stockings, Gucci shirtComplementary Champaign from the hotel to us, no 🍾 for me though, got some alcohol free at the party 🍾🥂🎉😍💑

After packing out we got ready for some gym and spa! Wearing one of my Christmas presents, a Rosella beachwear bikini! New concept with the straps to the arms! Quite cool I think! we went a short while to the gym also, I loose my breath fast with all the slime in my chest so I did not do much! But ❤️Francois❤️ was awesome like always He also went swimming! While I was doing a instagram live session and wishing you guys 🎉HAPPY 🍾🥂 NEW YEAR ✨Did a little jacuzzi together with ❤️Francois, but no swimming in “cold water” So, time to get ready for the New Years Party! I wanted to wear my Gucci gown that I have never used before, but it’s a Italian 38 so I was skeptical to if it would be to small now! I mean, Christmas eating, being sick and no exercising is not good for getting in a dress. So I had brought with me a “back up dress” but luckily it went! And I got the dress on without forcing it! Although ❤️Francois had to help me with the zipper Appetizers The “ball room” It was entertaining also 7 course dinner Party hats and confetti for midnight and🎉HAPPY 🍾🥂 NEW YEAR ✨

Photo boot also And dancing

❤️Francois is a really good dancer, he really has rhythm! And he was also ready to rescue me Incase I had a cough attack!

We just went back to our room, and now the watch says it’s the 01 of January! A New Year! 2018🍾🥂🎉✨⭐️💖💑We wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with LOVE, HEALTH and GREATNESS

9 thoughts on “🎉HAPPY 🍾🥂 NEW YEAR ✨”

  1. I love your gown, the color is beautiful.
    I also love the shape of the gown- you look just beautiful. Happy new year to you and Francois.

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  2. Hi Eva, Maybe stupid question but who takes all the pics? There is a lot (which is fine!) and not all are selfies. You have a photographer following you? Or give the mobile to strangers for a pic? Just curious.

    Happy new year!

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