Hello Monday

Thank you guys that commented that you missed the blog! I guess I can do a sum up on everything!

I have had the worst flue, basically sleeping the whole day, everyday!

I got to ride a little and also use some of my clothes I got from Christmas! Here’s me with my new Fendi wool pullover! Matching really well with my JEM ONE SEEM riding breeches in Navy/blue! so I had plans to ride everybody, but after longing and riding Alf’i for like 30 min I was totally done and had to go home.Tried again the next day with my new Monclear “half jacket” it’s like partly woven and partly dawn jacket! Good for sports, cause it keeps you warm but still allows you to sweat and breath! Wearing it with my JEM L ridinpants!

So I got to ride Ice Tea that day, it went okey, had to take a lot of pauses to just walk and recuperate myself. But it was fun to be with him!

In the middle of being sick this great gang came to visit! They are Cliff, Freya, Lone, Julie and Shirley! The family that board Classica La Silla and her goal Doctor Classic FEI got a bit better and rode Calla one day and also jumped one day with Alf’i today I have been feeling quite good I must say! A little tired still! But went for 1/4 of my mountain walk, had my new Gucci bag with me for the first time to the stable! Good that it can help out the Louis Vuitton Eva bag that I use almost every day used my new Gucci pullover! PROUD And rose Ice Tea and Alf’i outside in the wind! I also took care of Jill because Niki was at Dalchenhof with Picsou and Duc! In the afternoon Daniel (the vet) came to check all the horses and they were all good!

Now I have just been at the gym with Francois and we are going to have a Norwegian dish, Risengrynsgrøt for dinner! And I’m going to make riskrem of the left overs!

Here’s link to the recipe


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