Wednesday and building a stand in Basel

Started the day in the stables jumping with Ice Tea! When we arrived super Niki had already had Ice Tea loose in the big paddock so he could run a little! I really think that is a super thing to do, if they can be safe that way and not hurt themselves!

He had really enjoyed it and was ready and happy to work!

What was the main training today was a cavaletti 3.30 to a vertical, 21 m to a cavaletti and 3.50 to a vertical!

The point was to be able to ride big powerful strides and still jump off with some space to the last vertical, and that’s why I put 3.50m from the cavaletti!

In the beginning with Ice Tea I made 5 strides between, but as it got higher and he was more tired he wanted to run! So then I did 6 strides in between to make him slow up and take more time! After that I rode some dressage on Duc! He has not been ridden so much as Ice Tea and Alf, so it did not seem right to jump with him today. Had a lot of focus on his gallop, to feel that he was pushing equally with both hind legs but still staying straight and being soft in the hand! He was great!

Next was Alf’i! He jumped the same as Ice Tea! Alf’i was incredible today! Really, focuses on all the right stuff, jumping incredible jumps! And perfect on the 5 strides! I just had to sit up and be with him! Really good boy! Francois was also really happy with him and me today! He was happy with Ice Tea also, but he lost his shape a little more than Alf’i! Alf’i was almost a step further than he was before his brake, like he had thought about some things, and I have thought about some things and now we have come more together!

Carrots for Alf’i I forgot to bring his headcollor out so he followed me like this back to the stables! I am happy to be at a stable where you are allowed to do these things! It makes the horses happy! After quickly taking care of Alf together, Me, Janne and Niki, we went all back to Villars for getting the rest of the pants that we brought with us to Basel!Then back to the stables, Niki took of the ice and cooling rugs of the horses and I moved the truck! Janne had some bonding time with her favorite horse: Jill! Look how cute together Drive to Basel! Build stand! Hanging up our advertisement was a team effort I have to say Niki and Janne worked GREAT! And Niki build all the Ikea furniture and the sofa by herself!!!! Very impressive!!After a long day it was time for some Mc Donald’s and then bed! I really hope many people come to say hello and try the pants in Basel! We have stand 26!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday and building a stand in Basel”

  1. I hope you do well at your stand! The riding pants are AMAZING! They make even me, a 51 year old out of shape riding instructor look good haha! Wonderful quality and construction! Good luck!

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