Thursday and first day with the stand

I woke up at 07.00 got dressed and headed down to the breakfast! As always I eat a lot After eating I took the shuttle to CSIO BASEL! My stand was there waiting for me I was there around 08.00, but it was nobody walking around there to look at stuff so I sat in the sofa and had a little power nap!

At 10.30 Janne and Niki came! And then I went to Manor that’s just across the street and bought some snacks, Coca Cola and stuff! I also bought some tape to put up the last poster on the wall!

Here’s my outfit of today! JEM Navy ridingbreeches, Gucci shirt, belt, shoes, socks, shoes , Gucci bracelet with bit and Gucci bracelet green and red to match the rest of the outfit ❤️Francois bracelet from MontreuxJazz festival, Rolex date just and Gucci bit braceletCartier love bracelets and one Cartier ring that ❤️Francois gave me for Christmas Janne is wearing JEM L! Beautiful on her And Niki is wearing JEM ONE SEEM black pink + the Nike tank top I gave her for her birthday🎂 After hanging out in the stand a lot and making a very funny Instagram story I went to town to get a extension cable and some Starbucks! Oh yeah! Roger Yves Boost came to the stand to say hello! And he was also on the insta story Check our my new logo jacket with the PRO HORSE INTERNATIONAL logo, it was commercial for the horse show everywhere Starbucks on its way back <<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br<br
How about a Global Champions League Cannes Stars shirt?The new Meyer saddle is ready and I can take it home and try it on Alf’i! What’s special with the saddle is that the panels are really wide so the spine of the horse becomes totally free! Excited to try it!

❤️Francois also came and visited us at the stand! and I am having a competition! If you see Francois, take a picture with him, put it on your INSATGRAM story and tag me in it! We will have some winners both Friday and Saturday, the first people who do it gets a free pair of riding pants! Competition starts tomorrow Friday but it’s also on Saturday! Find Francois, take a picture with him, tag me and put it on your story and come to the stand and show us the picture! The winners get a free pair of pants!

In the afternoon I have been working on the stand, and also meet some lovely followers I have watched the 150 together with Francois! And I off course cheered a little extra for my friends John Whitaker and Luca Maria Moneta Now I am back at mine and Francois hotel, Niki and Janne are back at their hotel, and ❤️Francois was waiting at the stand so everybody leaves and goes home! Really sweet of him to wait there and let me go home to rest! He’s the PERFECT MAN❤️

3 thoughts on “Thursday and first day with the stand”

  1. Hey Eva, lykke til your stand! It looks great and I am sure, many people will stop and go shopping there! I also think you should have your own clothing line for riders, you are always so nicely dressed! All the best!

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