Friday at CSI BASEL

Hotel breakfast And off to open my stand! Nobody there this morning, so same as yesterday! Maybe it will be more people on Saturday, since then a lot of people have a day off from work and school! Hopefully

My outfit today: JEM ONE SEEM riding breeches, Saint Lauren Krystal pullover, Hermès belt and bracelets, Gucci socks and Chanel shoes

I got sold a pair of JEM L to this lovely lady, she is not a rider, her husband makes the sand/footing for the horses here and she just liked the design so much! Later the girls came! Janne and Niki, and here you can see what they are wearing! Niki has JEM L on, and Janne has JEM in Bordeaux

I went for a Starbucks run! Since all 3 of is really LOVE Starbucks! I take coffee Frappochino, Janne takes Java Chip and Niki takes Caramel

In the afternoon ❤️Francois came to visit the stand, and check out our marching outfits! He has black pants and pink shirt and so do I! <<<<<<<<<<
me to watch the two biggest classes together with Francois! I saw Rolf Göran Bengtsson ride Oak Groves Carlyle, a horse that I never saw before, and it jumped really well! I am as many people a fan of Rolf Göran! Really good rider! some people did our competition to find ❤️Francois and we had 3 people who did itafter the last class I posted on my instagram story that the competition was finished and we will continue tomorrow

Some of my followers also send me this picture of me and ❤️Francois sitting and watching! So cute! And if I’m not mistaking I am half turned around speaking with Axel Verloy 😂 In the evening ❤️Francois closed the stand, Janne and Niki went to party, while I went with John Whitaker to hang out a little in the hotel bar. He showed me a 5 year old by his stallion Argento, jumped AMAZING! So now me and ❤️Francois need to decide between Argento, Diamant De Semilly and Emerald for Classica La Silla this year!

Yeah, I have actually written all this while I have been on the cross trainer at the Gym! Now bed!

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