Saturday and a new sales record for us in CSI BASEL

Today Francois came with me to eat breakfast at the hotel! The other days he has been sleeping but today he wanted to go twice to the gym so he got up early!

Then off to open my stand! My outfit, Ted Baker coat, Louis Vuitton scarf and Chanel glitter boots Under, JEM ridingbreeches in black, Dior belt and top I really think the black pants are as cool for normal use as for riding! I think they are my over all favorite pants ever!! It’s the same fabric as Cavalleria Toscana only a little thicker, and it’s just GREAT!I sold one pair of JEM L pants before the girls came at 11.45! Then I went back to the hotelhad a 30 min snooze before me and ❤️Francois went to the gym! ❤️Francois second time today! WHAT A INSPIRATIONAt 14.15 we took the shuttle back to the show! I wanted to surprise the girls with some Starbucks so I took the tramp down town! Janne wants super extra chocolate in her frappo, and Niki wants super extra caramel! Was a bit challenging to get the Starbucks people to put enough inside, so the girls would be super happy, but after some explaining it went good!

When I got back to the stand ❤️Francois was there and ready to hand out with meHe has already been spotted by two girls and they had taken pictures with him, so I was happy to give them a free pair of JEM riding pants they looked great in their navy JEM pants and was very happy I went to visit one of my sponsors, Parlanti! And I am getting a new jacket, I can decide between these two, making the decision tomorrow went down to the stables and the warm up to day hello to some friend and meet John and Michael on my way back. In the evening I watched the big class together with ❤️Francois Here is John Whitaker on the brown horse and Michael Whitaker on the grey horse jumping tonight’s big class that Harry Smolders won

Now it’s bed time for me and I hope a lot of you will come and visit us in the stand tomorrow

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