Sunday, packing and going home from CSI BASEL

Had breakfast with ❤️Francois and then we had some teamwork! He put all the bags in the car and checked out of the hotel while I took the shuttle to the show and opened our stand!

It was like every other day, all though it was a 145 5* Star competition in the morning, it was nobody there! People started to come at 11.00 and the girls car shortly after!

My outfit today! JEM pants in black, pink Gucci shirt, Gucci socks and Chanel boots awkward moment caught in a picture 😂Janne and Niki! Janne is wearing JEM ONE SEEM in Navy/blue and Niki is wearing JEM L

Francois came to charge his phone and had out with us

Me and Janne walked around with a pice of paper telling that we had riding pants for sale to attract more people! If it was embarrassing? – maybe a little but it worked! Soon the stand was full of people! We were in the end of the “stadium” so many people did not walk all the way there! But we manage to get some people to walk there Francois and his friends Axel and Jos Verloy also came to hang out in the stand and I got to meet a lot of my followers, so that was awesome went down to the stables with a pants delivery for Edwina and her groom Reenaand got a new jacket from my sponsor Parlanti

When the Grand Prix class almost every one was sitting down to watch, so did we the Grand Prix was very exciting! Martin Fuchs and Clooney won after a really fast jump off against Werner Muff and Daimler

Then we packer up and went home! Or I helped with the first part of the packing and then I went to look for the horse trailer that someone had moved a kilometer from the show! First I run around all the St Jacobs Halle before someone told me approximately where it was

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