Monday, home❤️

Me, ❤️Francois and Janne got up early, she needed to go to the airport and we needed to drop off the truck to she garage can take it to the truck inspection!

After that me and ❤️Francois went to the stables and I rode Alf’i first!Love this picture when Picsou is shaking his head😂😂😂 look how Niki looks at him! Or I longed him first, he was fresh like…. When he had blown off some steam he was great to ride! Did not train on anything special today, only got him to relax! Nike walked with Picsou while I was riding Alf’i! Then I got on and trotted him around! So much fun! Love Picsou! Niki longed Ice Tea, Duc and Calla! And took care of Jill! ❤️Francois was meeting a friend in Lausanne and I had to go home and wait for UPS so deliver some packets here! So he went alone to Lausanne and I went home, jumped in bed with a film and some Ben n Jerry’s! And then I had a power nap until UPS ringed the door bell!

Woke up and went for my cardio mountain has been a lot of storms here so many trees had fallen down The cardio took longer than before Christmas, still cough a lot, but I’m feeling better every day!

In the evening me and ❤️Francois had a great dinner and then went to the gym! I get a lot of messages about my fitness routine, I will do a post about it when Niki has time to go with me and take pics of the exercises!

Also washed the car today! Don’t forget to do it, all the salt on the roads is so bad for the car and can make it rusty

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