Tuesday and new saddle from Meyer💎

Had a looooong lazy morning at home with ❤️Francois! No stress, long breakfast! Then I packed loads of JEM pants and went to the post with them! Everybody that has paid, your pants are on the way! then I went to the gym! It’s really raining today so no cardio mountain! I am actually more motivated to do cardio outside then on the treadmill! But today I did!

Started with running 10 min, had elevation on 1.5, that’s important because it’s to easy to run since it’s no friction if you have it on elevation 0, then doing 10 intervals 20 seconds on in speed 15 and 10 seconds off (on the side). It’s good cause your pulse gets high and it does not have time to go down in 10 seconds!

After that I did 20 min on the bike, then 15 min cross trainer, and 15 min walk up hill elevation 12 and speed 5.2. My polar A360 told me I burned 700 kcal! home, shower, eat, stables! My outfit JEM ONE SEEM Navy/blue, Fendi pullover and Gucci scarf! today I tried my new MEYER Saddle! Leather feels great, I have not oiled it jet, and it’s soft from the start! Good sign!

Rode outside with Alf’i! The saddle fitted him perfect, was afraid that it was moving a little in the begging, but when I tighten the girt it became perfect! Francois Meyer himself came by the stables just to check and see me ride in it! And we both agreed it was really good!

Alf and me worked on making his turns on the right better! So in Trott I moved him sideways from my right leg while bending him to the right in the turns! In gallop I made sure his neck was bend to the right but the body was straight and staid on the line I wanted, if he started to go to much inside the line I moved him back with help of my inside leg

Then Calla! Had her a bit loose on the outdoor before I rode her! She needed to blow of some steam! When I got on she was good! Soft as always! Had to work on keeping her straight, mostly on the right side!

Next was Ice Tea, we rode inside cause by then it was raining a lot! Training on changing the rhythm today! Need to work more on it so he says in the bow when I rode forward and comes back easy and stays on the hindlegs when I collect!

Walking Picsou 40 min Rember to always check the water off the horses, that the water cup is functioning and if they have a bucket, clean it and fill it up! Picsou likes to dip his food in water! home and to the gym the second time for me!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday and new saddle from Meyer💎”

  1. Hi eva,
    I think you need to check your blog a little bit. Some sentences are cut off now. In front of them is <<<<.

    Also i was wondering about the horse Jill! I see her apear sometimes but what is wrong with her? Or is she old and retired?

    Love, Jolien!

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