Monday and STARBUCKS for breakfast

We had to wake up very early today! 05.30 am because ❤️Francois had loads of meetings to attend to!

I boiled some eggs for breakfast but I boiled them to short so they were not 100% hard! ❤️Francois likes that but I can’t eat it!

Since we had to rush I had no time to boil them longer! I dropped ❤️Francois off and went directly to Starbucks! I also surprised Niki with her fave frappo!!

It has been raining so much today, no chance to ride outside.

Started the day with Duc! Loosening dressage today! He was good! Mostly low and deep, nose out!

Afterwords Ice Tea!

Worked a lot on the quality of the canter today! That he has to wait and stay in balance in the faster phase. He really ants to put the hindlegs to much behind and lean to much on the shoulders. When I can get him to gallop in a course jumping phase with his weight on the hindlegs and gallop up hill with a movement of actively waiting he will be a clear round machine 😃

Next was Alf’i! He had the same work as Duc! Low and loose! He was good! Nothing more to say about that! I let him be a little today, it’s not fun if every time you go to ride you are pushed a lot! And since it’s to wet to ride in the forest now I do also easy days for the horses! Good for their mindhaha! Look at the scruffy hair

Next was Picsou! Same same! Walk walk walk! Trott Trott, waaaalk! I’m not complaining! It’s a joy to be putting him back to work and I gladly do it!

Last to ride was Calla! Niki had walked her while I was walking Picsou, so it was just for me to start trotting! Same theme as Duc, but made her gallop in a little higher phase with short strides to make her quicker! A little like that, and then low and deep in her comfy phase

Went to pick up ❤️Francois! He looks extra handsome in his fancy clothes! he was happy cause he had a successful day! We went to get groceries together! and actually meet Niki at the store! So funny!

Now we have been to the gym and are having a nice evening at home! I have staid one hour in the cardio room! Loooking forward to better weather so I can do my cardio mountain again! That’s 900 kcal in 1.30 min!

I get a lot of question about what I eat to stay fit! After Christmas I think most of us need to loose a couple of kg! And if you want to loose weight fast you need to be careful so you don’t destroy your metabolism! You still need to eat a lot but food containing loads of protein and low on carbs!

So for breakfast I usually eat a salad made from spinach, apple, paprika, tomatoes and chicken, eggs (be careful if you have high cholesterol), or salmon that is on a box, like tuna!

Between breakfast and lunch I eat a apple

For lunch I eat the rest of my breakfast salad

And trough the day I eat a lot of cucumbers!

I try to not eat dinner to late and if you want to loose weight quick i only eat a green salad and a orange for dinner! And then every Wednesday and Saturday you can eat what you want for dinner, starter, maincours and dessert! So if it’s something you really want on Monday, write it on your phone and eat it on Wednesday!

You can also eat a little bit of candy Wednesday and Saturday!

Stay committed to the plan and you will see results! I will write about exercising tomorrow! That’s also very important

2 thoughts on “Monday and STARBUCKS for breakfast”

  1. The dog is so cute!! Also, I’m curious – do you always speak english with Nikki and Francois? or is that just in your instagram videos.

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