Thursday and sunshine☀️

Have had such a terrible headache and been throwing up since Monday evening so that’s why it has been no activity here!

❤️Francois has been taking excellent care for me as always! Hold my hair when I throw up, getting water, trying his best to feed me, really the 😍BEST MAN👑

Today I manage to go to the horses! So happy to see them! Energy still on low, the nauseous’nes makes me not want to eat at all, only a little bit of banana and digestive cookies.

For those reasons I started with Alf’i, I was predicting that he would be spooooky! And do loads of tricks on me! So I thought with my limited source of energy best to take him first! Outfit: JEM ONE SEEM riding breeches, Fendi pullover, Louis Vuitton belt, KEP ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots!

But back to Alf’i! He was actually very well behaved, he did not pull any tricks on me! I worked him as well as I could and I am happy about it!

Next was Duc and Ice Tea, me and Duc and Niki and Ice! Niki exercised Ice while I worked Duc! Duc and me schooled some poles and when we were done, Niki gave me Ice Tea! They had been practicing on riding in a high speed canter with Ice Tea, without him being strong and falling to much on his front+ on half long reins! Niki had to be crazy strong in her belly muscles/ abs, it went really well!

It went well with me and Ice Tea also! We did the poles like I did with Duc! Ice was really sweet with me today and did not take the rocket in his ass many times as usual. So I’m happy!

Next was Picsou, walk and trot, picture of me practicing my position, and dreaming about jumping with him

Then Calla, it was dark by then, she was a perfectly well behaved giraffe! Luckily!

Btw, look at my new hobby! While watching tv with ❤️Francois I sew these flat back sew on Swarovski Krystal’s on the saddle pads and hats!

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