Saturday in Zurich

We woke up good this morning! I’m feeling a bit stronger, maybe because I woke up at 09.30 😂😂😂 but we made it to breakfast! Did not over eat hotel breakfast as I usually do, but I manage to eat more than just digestive cookies! Haha, if I think about açaí berries I can’t eat anything, just the thought of them makes me want to throw up! I actually think I will throw out the rest that is at home, I was thinking I could give it to ❤️Francois, but just thinking about seeing the purple box makes me sick!

My outfit today, courreges skirt and top that ❤️Francois gave me for Valentines days some years ago, my custom made Christian Louboutin shoes, Chanel bag, (and Burberry scarf, it’s in the second picture)

Beautiful rose decorations at MERCEDES CSI ZURICH We missed the first class but we saw the 150! Kevin Staut won the class! Very fast! After that it was time for the all star champion Ulysse to enter the arena! Why I say ALL STAR, is because this horse has done derby, World Cup finals and European Championship! ❤️Francois old horse Ulysse! He’s 20 now and is going to be retired! So they had a great ceremony recapping the highlights of Ulysses career! ❤️Francois was in the program to! not only is it hard to find a exceptional horse like Ulysse, but also a top horse owner like ❤️Francois! Even though he had been offered a lot of money for the horses he had for his riders and Pius, he let Pius keep the horses, that lead to when Pius had the horses from ❤️Francois and was offered the security that his best horses was not for sale, led to Pius being Nr.1 in the world! So a big part of that success is also thanks to ❤️Francois Ulysse got to do a last lap of honor, before a big surprise was waiting to be introduced to him!!They took the saddle offand then came the surprise! Since Ulysse is 20 years old leaving his home for 10 years and having to move out and live in the field all year round in both bad weather and good weather was not a retirement they wanted for this great horse! So they have bought him his own little pony! Ulysse is going to keep his own box and be able to spend the days outside in a big field at home with his new pony fried, and if it’s rainy days he does not have to stay out so long, but can come inside after a hour or two!

We took a couple of pictures together after the Ceremony

After that ❤️Francois and me looked around a little in the shops and I got a new bridel from Amerigo! I have actually won one like this, but more dark brown at my first 6 bar! Me and Chambord won it, Calla is using it now, been really happy with it, so when I got one more i of course was happy!

The bridel has a to light brown for my taste and other equipment that I have, but I will just base it in baby oil and then it gets dark!

Then we went back to the hotel, went to the gym that was packed with riders!

Had something to eat and now we just came back from watching the knock out, that Pius won!

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