WOW! WHAT A DAY FOR HER! You guys maybe don’t know her, but it’s the rider if Lisen and Peder Fredricson in Sweden, Peder is the European Champion!

Anyway, she won the World Cup today with the most amazing jump off I have ever seen! Sooo smooth, sharp turns and speed! Without pulling or kicking the horse, not even once! Unbelievable! And I am so happy for her! She’s a GREAT girl and a hard worker! SO HAPPY!!!

Not only that, but my Norwegian friend Marit was nr 3 in the 150 this morning!!!!

WHAT A DAY!!! GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!!!

So me and ❤️Francois had breakfast and went directly to the show! Today’s me! First time wearing my Chanel larger flap bag that I got for Christmassaw the 150 class and went to look around a little! This it she way the horses walk from the warm up to the ring, in Zurich it’s in two different arenas the warm up and the competition place warm upcompetition place, Hallen Stadion, a follower had taken this pic of me and ❤️Francois and send to me! Thank you before the World Cup started we had a crep! It’s in the warm up hall! some western horses walked by!I meet some of my followers, and that’s always so nice and then World Cup time! Since I started the post with that I guess it’s no point to tell it again, you know who won!😍⭐️

Me and ❤️Francois are staying in Zurich to tomorrow cause he has a meeting in the morning, and I need to do some shopping, so that’s convenient!

We relaxed in the room, went to the gym and had a walk in the area around the hotel, found a restaurant and had dinner!

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