Tuesday, quick update

Me and ❤️Francois was all morning in Geneva! The web shop is launching soon, as is the web site of Pro Horse International. And it’s loads of economic and office stuff with lawyers and accountants to get ready!

When we were done for the day we had lunch and headed back home!

We had to do some stuff in Villars also before I could go to ride!

I would have LOVED to ride in the forest today, but I was to late in the afternoon for that. Cause when I ride in the forest it’s over one hour on each horse and it gets dark by 18.00.

Duc first, and here you see my outfit JEM pants in Navy, gucci belt, Equiline pullover, Kep ITALIA Helmet, Parlanti Passion boots.Duc had a quite hard training yesterday and softer today!

Next Alf’i, really good today, worked on making his canter stronger! last for me today was Ice Tea, Niki had already taken Picsou and Call! So that’s was very good cause by the time I was on Ice Tea it was dark Me and ❤️Francois has been running/walking 7 km this evening and now we are off to bed.

I will try to make a better post tomorrow

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, quick update”

  1. Dear Eva! Im a big fan of you and especielly your fashion sense!! Can you please make a blog or insta post about who and what inspires your style?

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