Wednesday and jumping🏋️‍♀️

Had a couple of errands to run before I went to the stables, but manage to be there before 10.

Me and Niki fixed the jumps a little and then Alf’i was the first one to jump!

This is the course of today! Starting with a cavaletti, 3.5 m to a vertical (normally you can use 3-3.5 m but I want to train the horses to jump off with space) 7.20 to a oxer, 10.40 to a oxer. Then the gymnastic line, easy down to a vertical with the water under, one circle with a cavaletti and 3.5 to a vertical, then a line with a cavaletti, 3.5 m to a vertical, 14.20 to a vertical and 14.50 to another vertical! so the whole course is a bout building the horses strength and stamina up!

So Alf’i! He wants to go with his high quite high, so in the warm up it’s important that I really get him to take his neck down and the nose out! When that’s accomplished I can move on to more specific warm ups to prepare the exercise! Like changing the speed/rhythm, or galling over poles Alf’i is very sensitive to sounds, and. Compete with earplugs and a sound proof fly hat! Its important to sometimes train with it, like me and Alf’i is doing today because if they only wear it at shows it might make them uncomfortable and shake the head! Alf’i jumped very good as always, but he needs to be stronger. So I might jump something similar one more time this week! Afterwords, bridel off and carrot time

Next horse was Ice Tea! He had another bridel on today! Rope nose band, I don’t tighten it, but have it so they can open the mouth but only to a point, like a boundary! We took a long time with Ice Tea today to get him relaxed and galloping like we wanted! It went good! The control was good in the end, but the jumping must be better! But one step at the time! Got his bridel off an got loads of carrots! Here you can also see my outfit; JEM ridingbreeches in Bordeaux, Chanel scarf, pullover and belt, Parlanti Passion boots, Kep ITALIA helmet

Next was Duc, and he was really a star today! First really calm, you can make any turns with him, he is like a little go cart! He jumped super! When he got to hot I walked and trotted him a little and then did the course! He was TOP today! Long time since I had this feeling with him! next was Calla, but she had lost a front shoe so no jumping for her! Rode her a little in the paddock anyway, so she would not be to fresh tomorrow! The blacksmith is coming at 08.00. Picsou has broken half of his shoe off, so no riding for him today! He gets a new one in Friday! Niki walked him

went to take groceries and did my cardio mountain. it had rain and been so much storm that the line of the train had floated away. So no train came. I did get a lift down to my car though! With a taxi driver! He told me he drives the kids that goes to private school to Geneva in the weekends to do shopping! So it’s good business for him, to drive like 2 hours one way with his taxi and wait for them or pick them up on Sunday! Great that people still uses taxis a lot!

In the evening me and ❤️Francois went to the gym and we had tacos for dinner

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