Sunday and frozen☃️

After breakfast I had a little live session with Instagram! I showed how you can make leather more dark with baby oil! This is how the new bridel from Zurich looked when I started under the live stream!

The finished result this evening! You can see how light it was with the browed band that I did not put oil on!

When I came to the stables I had a unboxing session, wrapping up my new Kep Italia helmet


Had big plans about jumping outside today, but the ground in the big paddock was frozen!

So I went out with Duc instead! Haha, look how Duc was enjoying Niki’s grooming

Me and Duc found a soft trail in the woods that was not frozen and we did some high speed interval training! Went back to the riding house and trotted a bit also!

After that I build some jumps while Niki took care of Duc and saddled Alf’i! I decided to jump a little inside! I REALLY want to make the horses stronger so jumping a gymnastic line with short distance was the work today it’s not the favorite thing for Alf’i to do, he prefers to fly high over big jumps with a bit of speed! But he worked really well today and is getting stronger every time!

Next was Ice Tea! He had made himself cool with black/pink gear to match my new helmet! So we took some pictures outside! My outfit; JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Gucci belt and pullover, Kep Italia helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

So time for training Ice Tea! He was very heavy in his body today and tried his best in the gymnastic line, but today it was hard! Picsou still only need hand walking after his shoe broke in two, and had to be fixed! I can start again with him in two days! Calla have got a blister on her front where the yellow boots was and are swollen and have pain, so no Giraffe riding for a couple of days! Poor giraffe.

After finishing up with the horses me and Niki went together direction Leysin! The weather was a bit coldand higher up it was snowI went all the way up and Niki almost half, then she took the Yaris and picked me up! I have to say Niki was in good shape! Well done!

we went to eat when we got down!

6 thoughts on “Sunday and frozen☃️”

  1. Great matching outfit for you and Ice Tea! very smart.
    I ahve two questions:
    – is that a hole in your Parlanti boots on your left leg O_o! How long do they last? They look nice though.
    – do you always jump so big? I used to live in Italy, and I know that Show jumpers use to jump big often. Howeer, I know live in the UK, and I notice that they do NOT jump their horses on big jumps so often. Lots of gymnastic lines, like you, but only 1 or 2 sessions on big jumps (over 1m10) per week. It looks like you jump big almost every day.
    The UK riders say that a horse has so many big jumps in them, and they save their legs.

    I am interested in your way of thinking.

    Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy your candour, i.e. you describe the horse world as it is. I apreciate your honesty. I am sure many people must critisise you for it. But I really like it.
    Keep writing and sharing XXX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thank you for a lovely comment! If you read my blog you know that I don’t jump high often, and I don’t jumps may
      Times a week ether!

      I will jump a little more the coming weeks to get the horses in shape! They have done many weeks without jumping and also two weeks without riding during Christmas!

      Yes I have a hole in the leather, but not all the way true on one of my boots, they are maybe 4 years old now and I use them a lot! I have Parlanti boots without holes in also😉 these once are old and I can fit thick socks and long jones under, that’s why I have them still and use them for winter!

      I’m really happy that you took your time to write me a comment and I hope you will do it again! It’s more fun to have a blog if the readers are active!
      Good luck with your horse in England


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