Paris today! Had to make a delivery for ❤️Francois, so took gladly the day for shopping! Started with HERMÈS! Because of a special thing ❤️Francois really wanted me to have a HERMES Kelly bag! I have a red Birkin, so he thought since all the cool fashion girls have the Birkin and Kelly I should have it to! So a appointment at Hermes was made, but no Kelly in sight! The SA said that because of the bad weather they did not get any delivery’s. So I just have to wait until I will be surprised with it as a gift, maybe for my birthday in may?

Paris is the only place where you can just come and make a appointment with the leather department to get a Kelly or a Birkin, in the other countries you have to be on the list! And the more Hermès you buy the faster you will get a phone call from your SA that you can come and buy a bag! I’m like 95 on the waiting list in Geneva of a total over 200 on the list. And the shoes does not get delivery’s of Birkins and Kelly’s every week! So that’s gonna take a looooong time.

Anyway, the weather was so bad, did not want to walk to Chanel at Rue Cambon, so tried the two shops near Champs Elysee. In the biggest one I found a lot of stuff, leather goods and

The weather got better and we went to Lafayetteand got some stuff there also! Lucky girl!

Better weather = walk in Paris We stopped at the grocery store and got some snacks on our way home

the results of today’s shopping! Ready to wear (clothes) still inside the Chanel shopping bag

And first Jimmy Choo ever for me!

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