Monday and expert doctor again

Me and ❤️Francois went together to the stables today because he had some errands to attend to in the Bex area!

I started to ride as alway! First Duc today! Rode him deep and low and he was just great! Not stiff from the jumping yesterday but just perfect!

Next was Alf’i! He on the other hand was a bit shocked! He saw that all the jumps was gone and was asking me whyyyyyy??? We had so much fun with the jumps yesterday! And now you have put them in the corner, don’t you understand that the 4 legged shark that eat chestnuts both in and out pig water can hide behind the jumps and jump out and eat me!!! 😂😂😂

I ignored him, and after ca 20 min he forgot about the possibility of shark hidings and started to relax! Rode him also deep, forward, low! Went good in the end of the training!

Next was the Giraffe! Last time to ride her before she goes to her new home! I just jogged her around a little making sure she was soft and straight in her body! Giraffe after training! She’s soooooo big

Then Ice Tea! Same job for him! Stretching after the jumping of yesterday hahah! Look what a goofy pic of us 😂Ice Tea felt really tired and stiff in the begging today, so a lot off Trott deep and in medium speed before I did the same in gallop

Last one to ride was Picsou! And it was the usual WAAAALK and then some Trott! Here’s my outfit! JEM L ridingpants, Kep ITALIA helmet, Uggs (for ridingboots), Chanel pullover and scarf, Hermès belt

Done in the stables and went to the expert doctor! Have nothing special to say about that I guess. Hope a solution is right around the corner!

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