Sunday, jumping and CARNIVAL🙌

Long session at the Gym today with my LOVE! then at 15.00 to the stables! Was riding training for the school all day, and wanted to jump so had to start when they was finished!

Me and Niki build today’s exercises! Same theme every time now, making the horses stronger and more athletic! First was Duc! he was jumping TOP! But was really hot, happy and fresh to jump. So we had to school him a little and ask him to please take it easy 😂! His front leg is on point! <<<<<<<<
ce Tea! He had a hard time last jumping training! But was a lot better today! Jumping these series and lines is not his favorite! He prefer to scoop over big single jumps in his own preferable speedlast horse to jump was Alf’i! And he was really good today! I have felt him a little tired on the last jumps on the gymnastic line in the past, but today he felt a lot stronger and was able to keep the same good quality through all the line! So I really feel that the training has helped! <<<<<<<<
for the giraffe! She's sold and leaving soon! normally you don't jump a sold horse! So I did not!

I did however ride Picsou! And he was good! Slowly slowly coming back to work! And here's my outfit! JEM ONE SEEM riding breeches in BLACK/PINK, pink pullover, Gucci scarf, Hermès belt, uggs and Kep ITALIA helmet! <<<<<<<<
and CARNIVAL TIME! I went as a unicorn and ❤️Francois went as "the marijuana man" Niki came with us also! Loads of good customs and people even though it was a Sunday! and btw, I got this message from a person that maybe need some attention! So I’m posting the screenshot to give it to him/her! If I’m ever irritated or short with someone it’s not because it is a problem with that person, the problem would always be with me. Who would feel the need to be irritated or short with someone. Think about it! What joy do we ever get from trying to put someone down! And if any of us find ourselves in a situation where someone is rude or irritated with us, we should try to stay calm and answer kindly back! And remember that it must be something that is stressing or making this person sad, and that’s why him or she is acting like that towards us!

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