Tuesday , bye Giraffe, skiing⛷ and hotel🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️

Early morning! Wanted to say goodbye to The Giraffe Jumper Calavina and see that they came safe and easy from the stables has a snap chat with a giraffe this morning for outfit of the day! JEM L riding pants, Gucci belt, Gant pullover, Burberry scarf

So the giraffe, new home! New friends, new opportunity! I wish her and her new rider loads of happiness and success

The Giraffe before she left, well tucked in!

I send with her, her favorite apple bit so she would feel like normal when she start with her new rider!

After they had left I started to ride! Ice Tea was first ! I galloped a lot today, to train his stamina! The horses will have Wednesday of, since it’s Valentine’s Day and me and ❤️Francois are on holiday then! it was -5 this morning but both me and Ice Tea worked hard so we both was sweat after! I variated with galloping a lot forward and collecting him, making sure he staid on his hindlegs, And active off. course

Took Alf’i as next horse! He was so good today! No shark in sight! So he was totally relaxed and concentrated from start to finish worked him in a low shape, loads of side movements.

Next was Duc! He was outside when I came to get him in his box! he had the same training as Ice Tea! Loads of gallop! Him and Ice need to train a lot to get there lunge capacity up, while Alf’i can just think about jogging and then he is in top shape! Just like that! So Duc got soaked! But he was happy! walking with Picsou, walking with Jill when that was done I could change the rugs on the horses (Ice, Alf’i, Duc) from sweat rugs to the normal rugs!

Also put out a lot of carrots for them to find went to wash the car💎and home to get ❤️Francois! And the stuff we brought with us to our little holidays we went directly to the ski area! Just look the cute details on my ski top Weather was on point 🇨🇭SWISS ALPS 🇨🇭 we were in GSTAAD SNOWPARK! / GSTAAD MOUNTAIN RIDES, my favorite! Love it here! haha! I have been saying that I will dress up like the unicorn a whole day, and her is one who actually did it, but as a chicken or rooster After skiing we went back to the hotel, and there they always have some free after ski cakes! YUM Room to relaxed a bit before we went to the spa! I have to tell you about these amazing bikinis! Rosellabeachwear! You can use the strap on the top two different ways! Like this with the strap straight in front! Or like this with the strap straight in the back Such a great spa here! Two heated pools outside and one inside Dinner in the evening! Many say this Gucci bag is a summer bag! But it’s Valentines and the the pink bag can join! Jimmy Choo Us ready for dinner Btw, look at what I saw in one of the ski shops here! A Norwegian brand

2 thoughts on “Tuesday , bye Giraffe, skiing⛷ and hotel🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️”

  1. I’m happy to see that you had a wonderful time on vacation, and a good Valentines. I live in the United States and snowboard, and one day I hope to snowboard in the Alps. Enjoy it!

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