Thursday and welcoming the two new guys 🐻and🦄

Had planed some more skiing today, but it was raining. Staid longer in bed and had a late breakfast

Relaxing at the room and some spa time! Why is it called spa? It’s a heated pool?

One more question, my head gets LARGE when I try to take selfies.. I see loads of girls taking the perfect selfies! Give me some tips please

My 👑KING❤️

Has some cakes at the hotel before we headed direction the stables!

Had to take groceries before going to the stables! Butterfly in my stomach to say hello to the new horses!

They were happy! Of course I would have loved to ride them today, but because of the long transport we only walked with them!

Quin is a older horse that has done Nations Cup, and even one Global Tour! The last year he only jumped 130/140, and will be a great friend for me!

Teddy i don’t know that much about, but I’m looking forward to learn to know him! He is a very brave horse that has done good at shows!

Wanted to ride Ice Tea and Duc! ❤️Francois was helping out with horse walking! I started to ride Ice! Worked a lot on changing the rhythm in Gallop! When I was finished riding him and wanted to take Duc, ❤️Francois told me that he has already walked him and that “we are going home now”. So I was like, okey MR Boss 😍

Tomorrow riding all off them 😃😃😃

5 thoughts on “Thursday and welcoming the two new guys 🐻and🦄”

  1. I like Quin. How old is he? what are your plan with him? a post suggestion, you could let us know what are your plans for each horse, this year? It will be exciting to know 😉

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