Saturday and a long evening

Day started with this: followed by a hard gym session that really made me sweat! it was pissing rain, so no chance to ride outside! And on Saturdays it’s ridingschool from 09.00 to 17.00, so rising after 17.00.

Niki was sick today so I had the horses alone! So boring to be sick! Hope she feels better soon💖

My outfit! JEM ridingbreeches in Bordeaux, Esprit pullover, Louis Vuitton belt

Was down from the alps where we live earlier to get some supply’s for the horsessome paddock protectors to teddy, buckets, milk fat for their mouth, special shampoo for grey horses ++

Walked with the horses when I came to the stables, outside in the rain!

When it was 17.00 I started with Duc! He was super today! Really! Did not ride him so long because of the time frame!

Next was Alf’i! He was also very relaxed today, and easy to ride! Galloped many times up the middle line to feel that I had him straight and that he still was able to relax with his head deep and low!

next Ice Tea! Loads of gallop today! This is a picture from tonight when I have just changed rugs on him from drying rugs to his “normal” rug

teddy next: super today! Relaxed and good! Galloped over some poles that had 20.5 m in between, did 5-6-7 strides! He did everything easy!

Then Quin! Testing different bridels and bits on him now! He was good on this but I dont know if it’s “theperfect”we did the same as me and Teddy did! The canterpoles! He is just SO SUPER!

Picsou and I just walked today, and I had Jill loose in the round pen! That’s all I guess! Bed now

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