Tuesday, gym and dinner out

Day started with breakfast with my ❤️Love ❤️Francois! Followed by a run in our neighborhood!

Then the stables! Started with some dressage with Duc! He got ridden twice today! Once by me and later by Alex! With me he had some dressage to be lose and smooth in his body from jumping yesterday! I also rode him a little without bridle

I actually stopped him with having a carrot in my left hand and taking it out to the side so he saw it and stopped to eat it!

Next one was Alf’i! Since I did not have time to jump with him yesterday he jumped today! Course jumping like the other ones had yesterday! Check out this picture! The same vertical two different times

My outfit! I actually colored some JEM pants in white, with poly dye from Dharma. So now they are PINK!

Next horse was Picsou! While we were walking we had a live session with Instagram! People asked me why I take the bridel of after riding, it’s because it’s easier for the horse to eat carrots without a bit in the mouth!

After Picsou Alex had come back from school and we took Quin and Duc for a forest ride! Hahaha, so gooofyi thought Quin was afraid of the 4 legged shark, but turns out that on the way home I discovered that he was a bit worried about walking on the concrete next to the river! He will get used to it though

Last horse to ride was Ice Tea! We had a really good dressage training! Where I variated the rhythm and the shape I had him in! he worked very good! When he starts to get tired he becomes a bit heavy. So then I have to ask him again to be light! He does his best and is a very good boy!

Home and gym with ❤️Francoiswe went straight to eat after the gym in our gym clothes! No worries with that

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