Sunday and jumping inside

Me and Francois had protein pancakes for breakfast as normal and went together to the stables! Jumping was on the program!


The ground outside was not good so inside jumping today!-Since everybody want to ride inside now we only had a short period of time to build jumps, jump and build out!

Duc was first today! He was so fresh and happy to jump! He bucked in the landings and jumped really well! Working on the strength of the horses in my exercises! One gymnastic line and one line with a vertical and 3 strides to a oxer! Focus on making the 3 strides equal and powerful!

Next one was Alf! So much energy! Really fresh! He is so spooky and tense when he is like this! He so much needs to let loose and gallop as fast as he wants! I did let him loose a little in the indoor, but the space is not big enough to go full speed. He was happy though! When I rode him he was a bit high in the next but okey, he jumped great

Then Ice Tea! Had even two poles on the ground with 13.5 m between, with Ice Tea I did, 6-5-4-3 strides. Then many times 3 to get him to go in a big powerful canter with big strides staying in the bow at the same time! Still need to work on that! The same was a fact in the jumping! The line on 3 strides, when I could ride him and he listen it was super! But really need to work on this! Big powerful strides without running! After Ice Tea it was time for Picsou! Walking and trotting! We did a live stream on insta while walking! Next was Teddy! First time to ride him in one week because of the wound under his arm/belly! He was fresh as .. so I had him loose in the roundpen before riding! When i got on he was a very good boy! I still don’t know him at all since I almost have not ridden him since he came! So we really need to get used to each other!

Last one for today was Quin! He is still a bit spooked going in the forest here, so me, him and Niki went for a walk together! And he got a new head collar when he got home to the stables! I bought new head collars for all of them on Thursday!

I suddenly got this weather! Cold but I took the opportunity and went for my cardio mountain! looks like spring!

Went back to the stables where Niki was walking the guys! I gave them some cuddles and carrots! Even though Jill does not live next to the others she got carrots alsochestnut gang

I put some carrots outside Ice Tea’s box that he will find tonight when they open his door! Gave him some in the box also! Would not be fair to let him wait!

Niki and Duc I got my favorite browed bands as a gift in the post from my Daddy and Mommy!

Going to make a new bridel for Picsou with these parts! Just have to color the noseband darker with Baby Oil!

Sunday dinner πŸ˜‹

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