Wednesday BIG NEWS!!! -and hardcore

OMG!!!!!!!! Please welcome our new SUPERSTAR HORSE DELVAUX! Can’t believe that he’s ours!!!!!!!!! I mean look at him

He is 3 years old by Darco/Nabab De Reve! (Duc is also by Nabab De Reve)

He is not coming home to me straight away though! Several reasons for us not bringing a 3 year old here! But he will go and be educated in Danmark with my good friend and TOP RIDER Dennis Noes Nielsen, where he can ride a couple of times a week and go out in big fields every day for 5 hours! He will also have the opportunity to go to “summer grass” in the summer, loving outside with friends for two months eating all the grass he want! Before he will go back to school in the fall! SO EXCITED AND PROUD!!!!!! Did you guys know that I used to work with braking in horses and educating them up to GP level before when I worked in Danmark? It very exciting and a lot of fun! But there’s a time for everything!

Anyway wait to go and visit him in Danmark! Should I put a video of him on my Instagram account?

Both me and ❤️Francois are so happy and excited about Delvaux! We talk about him and our dreams for him all the time! And I have to say, to be with ❤️Francois is the greatest gift I have ever received! When I see him happy and excited I become happy also!

Back to our horses that I actually ride at home today:

How it looked like when I got to the stables:Started my day with Duc! My outfit: JEM navy riding breaches, Gant pullover, Louis Vuitton belt, uggs and Kep Italia!

I rode Duc and Niki rode Ice Tea at the same time! Ice Tea is in a very good shape and needs a lot of exercise! Also because he is more difficult to get in shape, when he looses his condition it takes a long time to bring it back! Not the muscles, but the lounge capacity! Duc is the same, but has harder to build muscles also!

I am working a lot with the quality in the canter and the Duc was socked in sweat after training

Next one was Ice Tea, or he was well warmed up by Niki! I continued, started by going back to Trott, made sure he was loose in both sides before I went over to canter! same work everyday! Long powerful strides in balance! I think that I have to be strong in my core and light in my hand

Ice Tea also got really sweat today! When he start to get tired he wanted to run and put his weight on the front, then I had to activate his hindlegs more and lift up and then loosen in the hand!

Ice Tea ready for carrots after training

Next was Alf’i! Out big thing right now is a short active canter with his nose out! And that’s a challenge! Because when you put leg on to activate the hind leg the horse also want to escape from work by ether running or being long, and if I hold to much with the hand the horse can easy get a short neck, and I want looong! So to make this good I do small circles and let the circle “brake” the speed! Went good!

Me and Alf after training! He has his bridel off so he easy could eat carrots!Next one was Picsou! So much fun to ride him, even though it’s still only light work! It allows me to dream!

Teddy! working on his straightness! He was good today! So good that i took the opportunity to ride a little without stirrups and reins!Maybe first time ever for Teddy doing that

Quin only walked today! Resumes work tomorrow I guess!

After riding I had some errands to run, and picked up another one of these! Kari Traa super underwear!

It was the birthday of my “luck man” so he was giving us chocolate! I call him my luck man, because I always give him money, one day I did not give him money, I was irritated and had holes in my riding boots, I was cold and tired, so I snapped at him telling him to get up and get a job. Like 5 min later my phone was stolen. So I don’t take the chance on not giving him money again

In the evening me and Francois went to the gym! Since i did no cardio in the morning I had hard core, 20 min on the treadmill, and we are talking interval training , 20 on the bike and 20 on the cross trainer. Hard to motivate myself for 60 min cardio inside! When i run outside I have a rout and for me that easier!

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