Me and Francois went together to the stables today!

My outfit! JEM navy pants, Hermes belt, Kingsland fuzzy socks, Nike climate topBefore we legit Francois had to clean a lot of snow☃️! I am blessed to have a gentle man who thinks heavy cold things like that is a mans job!

So Francois came with me to the stables in the morning! -He wanted to check out the status of the horses dressage work! Me and Niki started with Duc and Ice Tea like usual! I rode Duc, and she Ice!Niki and Ice are training on riding on “long reins” in balance, where she is making the half halt with her abs! Going better and better!

Duc was really fresh in the beginning! So after trotting I let him run around with me a while on long reins! Then we started to work! I feel a improvement in the canter Francois getting carrots for DucNiki took Duc to the stables and I continued with Ice Tea! I would like to do some pole exercises, but it was dressage training in the riding house! It’s inspiring to see they ride! And it pushes me to make my horses better also! Ice Tea that I have been working A LOT with the bigger canter today got to be a little more collected today I mean, look at the dog of the dressage trainer And the dog that Simone takes care of

Next was Alf’i! He was totally calm today! So i rode him totally without pressure, no leg, almost long reins with head down! Important to have days like this also, so the horses don’t feel stress when they come in the riding house Next was Picsou! Haha! Me and Niki changing the horses in the stables! So Picsou! A joy! So much fun! Building him slowly up! Last one Teddy! He was really calm today, almost to calm! Maybe he is a little feed up by riding in the indoor so much! He worked well, had to ride him forward, normally he runs on his own! And a Picture of Niki and Francois

Went to the gym in the evening, interval training on the treadmill

and now I am am back in the stables because we are waiting for Daniel to do a check up on the horses! Quin has already this year done some shows and he is perfectly healthy but Daniel though he needed one week of only walk! So we did! So now he is going to check that he is even more fresh than last week! It’s important to take care, and did you know that the biggest chance for a horse to be lame is when he moves to a new place and a new rider? It’s because the training is different, the shoeing is with another blacksmith, the ground what he is used to is different and all this factors a good rider should take in consideration when a new horse arrives!

2 thoughts on “Thursday”

  1. Francois takes such good care of you, such a gentleman. I love it when a man treats his woman like a queen.


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