Friday and Starbucks

Early morning together, ❤️Francois

I went for my cardio run, and Francois went to do some errands! – not all the way up today, because Francois was picking me up to go together to Lausanne after! So I walked backwards down, it really takes some muscles in my butt that I don’t use everyday! Always feel them the day after!

then it was riding on the schedule! Inside today for all the horses

So we went to Lausanne! Had some things to do there and we also got some Starbucks

My outfit: Marc Jacobs blouse, Chanel bag and boots Burberry coat Me and my ❤️KING👑Colors on our clothes matching! Went also to Laduree, I have found out that I really like the chocolat and vanilla macrons! Think it’s the only two flavor I really like

The weather is INSANE! Extreme snow, wind, cold! Make me wish it was Christmas so we could snuggle inside for days

Christmasy in Lausanne😍🎅🏻☃️🎄🎁

Went to the gym in the evening

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