Saturday at Ferrari

Saturday, had been looking forward to it! One day off from the cardio mountain, and the best part, could stay in bed as long as I wanted with ❤️Francois!

Slept long, went to make protein pancakes for breakfast and went back to bed again❤️ Perfect Saturday morning! No stress!

Went for a run in the neighborhood, and got dressed up cause we were invited to Ferrari! New cars to be looked at and cocktails to drink!After that we went to the stables! It has been riding school from 08.00 to 17.00 today, so no riding before 17.00. To make it go smooth Niki longedTeddy while I rode Alf’i! Can’t say I got any good work done today with Alf, he was crazy fresh and I got just to the part where I made him a bit tired so he relaxed a little. Because of the time, I could not ride him long enough today!

Next was Ice Tea, My outfit, JEM navy pants, Gucci belt, Burberry pullover and scarf, Uggs, Kep Italia helmet! Same with Ice Tea, actually him I could work a little cause he was normal, not crazy fresh! Little stiff in the left side so I worked it all the time, even if I rode on the right!

Since he still had some every Niki took him and galloped him freely around 😍While I exercised Duc! Duc was nice, felt almost a bit tired, so good for him that it was not to hard today!

Rode Teddy a little also! Really working on keeping him straight, nose out and quick! Carrots after for motivationand btw, he got his new mascot today! A mini him

Picsou also got some work! Picsou means Scrooge Mc Duck in French and some solarium after! He has so much hair/fur so it goes faster to dry in the solarium and it’s good for his muscles

Btw, me and Quin are getting really good together and he was super when I rode him today

Francois and me had planed to go straight to dinner after, and he was waiting for me! I simply just changed my shoes and put on my burberry coat and was ready to go! The perks of having JEM ridingpants! Goes for every accession! But Francois objected! Okey babe, the pants are amazing, but what about all your dresses? If you always take the riding pants, what will we do with all the dresses?? So I went home and changed! He was right! I love to wear the dresses alsodinner And a Paul Newman movie is not ready to play at home, I am cozy up in the sofa with my 👑King❤️ wish you a happy Saturday!

1 thought on “Saturday at Ferrari”

  1. Whenever I’m riding my horse and he’s fresh, I’m almost always so sore after. And it’s not that fun, but horses aren’t perfect every day. I’m glad that you changed into a dress for dinner, cause I love your fashion and since you changed you put a picture on the blog post, hahah.


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