Sunday, Riding inside

No gym this morning! Did not feel well so I was sleeping a long time!

Started with riding Alf’i! We trained a lot on galloping in the turns and waiting on the long sides! If you think about it it’s easier for a horse to gallop slow on the short side / turn and gallop fast on the long side! But when we jump we want to gallop forward in the turn and wait for the jump

So that’s what I had in mind during our dressage training today!

Next was Ice Tea and here is my outfit!

JEM ridingbreeches in Navy, Chanel Pullover, Hermès Belt, Kep Italia helmet, Uggs

Ice Tea has exactly the same teaming as Alf’i! Really needed to focus getting him to relax while doing it!

Next was Duc! He had interval training inside. 25 rounds gallop as fast as possible inside, then walk 5 min, the 25 rounds the other way, then walk, 10 rounds each way then Picsou! Normal with him Teddy had dressage, I really want his nose to come more out! It’s a little bit to much tucked in for my taste

Also dressage with Quin! He was a good boy, I move him a lot away from the left leg to make him straight

Gym in the evening with my King and a big dessert without sugar

Now we are watching Bad Boys two on Swisscom tv! In French. Haha, go me! Maybe I will learn a little soon!

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