Monday, inside riding today

Healthy breakfast

My day started with loads of errands! Followed by the stables!

Started with Teddy today! Flatwork inside! Loads of changing the rhythm, faster slower faster slower! Trying to get him with me! It’s going better and better! Me and Teddy getting ready to take a picture

There you go

Next horse was Picsou! So much fun to work with him! We probably need to clip him again! Since he’s working more now he gets pretty warm next horse was Alf’i! He worked a long time in Trott with his nose completely down! Also in canter! Could change the rhythm from faster to slower and still keep the shape! Happy

Next was Quin, we, and hers my outfit! JEM riding breeches that I have dyed from white to pink! Hermès belt, Fendi Pullover, Hermès belt, Kep ITALIA helmet

Has a little food brake after Quin loaded up on energy for Ice Tea! We had a hard work out! Worked a lot on the canter, and did not let him hang in my hands once! And that’s hard for the both of us! Duc was the last one! He’s so sweet! Dressage for him also! He was very soft in both sizes and I felt that his canter is getting stronger!

We also took the horses out for some forest riding and Duc tried the treadmill

In the evening we went to the gym and had dinner at home!

got these BEAUTIFUL pics of Lisa Candin with her new JEM pants (black and Bordeaux) and JEM ONE SEEM Navy/blue

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