Thursday, Jumping inside with Teddy and ICE❄️TEA🍹

Direct to the stables and put up two jumps to train a little with Teddy and Ice Tea! Sometimes it’s good to just do it really easy for yourself and the horses!

Also me and Teddy really need to do loads of jumping to “find each other” and be a team!

So started with Teddy! In the warmup I focused on making him quick in his reactions. 8 strides fast, 8 strides slow!

In the jumping I was trying to canter with as powerful quick steps as possible!

Next was Ice Tea, he was a little hot in the canter today, so I trotted a lot to get him relaxed! So when we stared to jump he was really relaxed and waited! And jumped FAB

After giving Ice Tea a lot of carrots and Petting him it was time for Duc! Dressage today and some flatwork over poles! Had two poles on the long side with 21m between and rode , 5/6/7/8 strides between! Duc was awesome Alf’i had exactly the same job! He thought it was very hard to do it on 8 strides! But we made it a couple of times!

Then Quin! And here is my outfit; Navy JEM pants, Gucci belt, Nike climate turtle neck, Hermès west, Kep ITALIA helmet, uggs 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Quin had forest riding and dressage, hard core today! Was so stiff in the right side, so for a change I had to move him a lot from my right leg, and at the same time keep him active! I was as sweat as him!

Last one was Picsou! We went for a hour walk outside and rode a little in the indoor also!

Had to go to Lausanne and pick up some stuff at the tailor so got some Starbucks also

Gym with my love in the evening! Only cardio for me today, cause the gym close at 21.00 and we was a bit late! But I made a run for it!

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