Friday, riding and car salon in Geneva

Me and Niki started early today, because me, ❤️Francois and Niki wanted to go to the car show in Geneva!

I started to ride Duc, Niki had him tacked up and walked when I came to the stables!

He had dressage! Quite easy today! I’m wearing JEM L ridingbreeches, Parlanti Passion boots, Louis Vuitton scarf, Kep ITALIA helmet and Gucci belt

Next was Picsou! Our usual procedures, walking, riding, walking! while I was riding Picsou, Niki longed Ice Tea a little so he would be warm in this body when me and Picsou was finish working me and Ice Tea went out in the forest! Intervals for him today! he was a good boy and not to strong or hot! So I am very happy! He must be getting in better shape because he was not as tired as usual!

Next up was me on Quin and Niki on Teddy! We also went out. We galloped a lot but did not do any full speed work! On our way home we both jumped off our horses, opened the nosebands and gave them carrots as we walked home! check out the mascots of Quin and Teddy

And of course Teddy has a teddy bear, and this one works at Starbucks in Hong Kong

Last horse to ride was Alf’i! He was behaving really well in the wind! So the day went really fast and effective! When all horses was back in their boxes I went to pick up ❤️Francois

We went to the bankand then I got a quick shower and the 3 of us went to the Car Salon in Geneva! we are super lucky and are invited to Ferrari every year!

I’m wearing my Valentino dress that I got for Valentine’s Day!we had a lot of fun and it was many amazing cars to see!

On our way home we stopped at the Chinese restaurant in Lausanne! So good!

I have unboxed my new Parlanti Passion riding boots!

Currently on the sofa watching a film with my LOVE ❤️Francois

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