Inside Jumping with Teddy and riding in the forest

Teddy and I did some jumps again inside! Not many jumps or high, just to get to know each other better! It’s going better I must say!

He is such a super horse with a great personality! And I like him! But we need a lot of riding and jumping together to become a team.

Picsou and me went for a long walk outside !

And Duc also, or Duc went outside but not for a walk! Hard core interval training! Duc loves it and so do i! Love to take the horses out in the forest! Quin also got to go out today! I don’t to hard intervals with him, because I want him first to get use to this kind of riding in the forest where everything is not flat like in the paddock! And he has been TOP training by his previous riders so for me and him is more about having fun together next was Alf’i, omg!!! Energy on top! But not spooky, but really wanted to run and buck! Happy boy!

Last one for interval training today was Ice Tea! Here’s my outfit: JEM ONE SEEM black/pink, Pink Moncler jacket, Nike Climate top, Hermès belt, KEP ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Ice Tea has some high speed training today, and I managed to keep him under control the whole time! He really did get a proper workout

Gym in the evening with ❤️Francois

2 thoughts on “Inside Jumping with Teddy and riding in the forest”

  1. I get so busy with school that I forget to check your blog, and then when I do I just read, like, and comment on the posts that I missed, hahaha. You probably just get a load of notifications that some Delanie girl is liking and commenting on your posts. Either way, I’m a loyal follower of your blog! I love your fashion, the riding tips you give, and seeing pictures of where you live. I find you to be very inspiring.

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