Thursday and all classes canceled

The vet check was at 08.00 and then suddenly at 08.30, at that time no one knew when the classes was going to start! Little later they said the first class would start at 13.00

I stated my day at the gym! Some running!after that I got dressed with my new scarf and headed to buy some rubber boots for Niki!

When I had got the rubber boots Niki phoned and told me all classes was canceled because of the rain! So I did not stress to go to the stables but took a stop at Starbucks and I saw these cute once! Omg! Poor puppy’s! Trapped in class cage!

When I got to the stables i started with Duc! We could ride inside a indoor, and that was good since it was poooooring down with rain! I’m not gonna complain about the ground in the indoor, i was just happy to have a indoor to ride in! Very happy! Me and Duc was dress for the ovation to get dry back and forward to the stables and the riding house!

Duc was really super today, so I am happy for the work I did with him yesterday! Did similar today, but not as hard.

Next was Ice Teastill had a lot of energy! So galloped a lot! Did 8 strides forward and 8 strides slow! He was good.

By the time I was done with Ice Tea it has stopped raining, so I could ride Teddy outside! Worked a lot on his right side! But it was quite wet still so he stumbled a couple of times.

Me and Quin just went for a walk together today, felt that was what he needed!

In the evening i have had dinner at the hotel! And been to the gym one more time!

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