Saturday and ribbons!

Started my day with a run down by the beach in the rain!

Bu the time I got to the show it had stopped raining and I had a really good round with Duc in 140, that gave us 4. place! Duc is a amazing friend for me! If he feels himself good he do anything for me to be clear!

Just after it was time for Quin and Ice Tea in 130! Both horses was GREAT! And ICE TEA and me got second place

All horses gets ice on their feet twice after riding! and musli, hay and loads of carrots for lunch I usually give them the lunch myself! I love to feed them! Since they love food!

I had my lunch together with Duche was half snoozing after eating his lunch!

In the afternoon I jumped Teddy in the big ring! One down in first round!

In the evening I went to Cannes! I had Pizza Hut, LOOOOVE THAT!

I really like Cannes I must say!

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