Sunday/Monday/Tuesday summary

On Sunday my classes started quite late, Teddy’s class started 14.30 so I tried to sleep as long as possible since we had to drive home in the night! I had also said to Niki, to feed, change the water, walk and muck out to the horses, and then go to bed a couple of hours!

So I came around 12, I feed the horses lunch and we packed a bit before my class started! I did not morning ride any of them cause the weather was very bad, pooooooring rain!

I had been looking forward riding the amazing horses and jump with them, also to wear my new scarf! To match the little twilly Louis Vuitton monogram scarf with monogram LV belt and bracelet

So teddy was first! Was raining so much I rode with my Norrona NARVIK jacket! I come from the town Narvik!! it’s really top top quality clothing for outdoor and ski!

Teddy jumped great even in these conditions was clear and we WON THE CLASS 🥇🙌 loved to hear the Norwegian 🇳🇴 National anthem Ja vi elsker dette landet

Next horse was Duc! The warm up was so vet and he’s feet was sinking 10 cm down in the ground in the warm up. So we only jumped a vertical in 80 cm and 1m twice before we went in to the 140 class!

Duc did not touch any jumps and we got 5.place! 🏅

Last class started 17.30 and I had both Quin and Ice Tea in the class!

Quin was first! Alamo did not jump anything in the warm up ether, but he was clear and really amazing in the ring! next was Ice Tea, Quin and me got 2.place in the 135 and me and Ice Tea got 3 place! SO HAPPY! All horses placed same day!

When the price giving was finished me and Niki worked as fast as we could to get the tack and the horses on the truck! She had gotten a man with a fork lift to put the tack box on while I was paying! And that was awesome! So heavy to pull it up!

Then we started to drive home! We drove from 19.30 to 01.00 in the night, feed the horses and sleept to 04.00.

We arrived at the stables around 10.00

Me and Niki started to unload the horses and suddenly my 👑KING ❤️Francois showed up! I thought I would just see him at home! But because of all the stuff that has happened on this trip he was anxious to see me and cane to help and support me! I AM SERIOUSLY THE LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD TO HAVE ❤️FRANCOIS❤️ AS MY MAN!

Niki had to go when we had put the horses in the boxes, cause she has a week of holidays! So I mucked out the truck alone, got the horses in their home rugs and put the show rugs back

Me and ❤️Francois went to get groceries and had a couple of hours at home before I had to go to Belgium. Can’t really tell you what’s going on, but it has something to do with Jill.

In the taxi from Brussels airport to Antwerpen I was so tired that I fell asleep, and the taxi driver had to poke me a couple of times before I woke up😂😂😂

❤️Francois had gotten be a BEAUTIFUL suite, but just went to bed when I got there cause my batteries was flat.

Today I woke up, put on my Giorgio Armani dress, custom made Louboutin shoes, Versace coat and Chanel bag and did my errand in Antwerpen before I returned to the airport!

I saw my new sponsor rider Birgit Wuijts! And gave her loads of JEM PANTS! Here’s some picture of her in them

Got safe home, me and ❤️Francois went out to eat

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