Saturday in the stables

Finally some protein pancakes for breakfast again!!

After eating and choking me and Helle went to the stables! Started with some forest riding with Alf’i! And here is my outfit: Black JEM pants, Gucci pullover, scarf, belt, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet

Next one was Picsou! We had a live steam i. Instagram while we were walking ! he was good today! Not to wild’

Next one was Teddy! He had hard core dressage where he had to change between being low in the shape like this and totally relaxed, or more up and train to be quickHelle came out with Ice Tea and walked him around a while before we changed the two horses Ice Tea has hard training also! He was thinking I could hold his head so he could concentrate on running! But I had different place! Plans for him holding his own head and balance and to stay on the hind legs collected today! last one to ride was Duc! He had more easy dressage today mostly stretching! He was good! Carrots

In the evening we went to eat in Villars

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