Tuesday, riding and lunch in Geneva

Me and Helle got up early and rode all the horses together!

We started with a forest riding with Quin and Teddy! She had Teddy and I have Quin! Quin was a bit spooky since he had a week off, but followed nicely Teddy eating carrots in our way home! I’m wearing JEM L ridingpants! Gant pullover, Louis Vuitton belt and Gucci scarf

Afterword Helle went out for a forest ride with Duc while I rode Dressage with Picsou. Finished up with some interval training with Ice Tea while Alf’i was on the treadmill!

ICE TEA! So cute

Helle and me went to Geneva to have lunch, my outfit: Chanel boots, Valentino dress, Dior cardigan, Louis Vuitton scarf, Burberry coat LAKE GENEVA

We of course had Starbucks!

In the evening me and Francois went to the gym!

And now we just had some sweet potatoes together with a movie on Swisscom tv

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