Thursday and Friday

Started my Thursday with a run, and after the stables! Started with Duc! And here’s my outfit, JEM ridingpants in Navy, Hermès belt, Ralph Lauren Shirt, Chanel scarf, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots!

and a Little awkward picture! he has some fungus on a front leg and was a bit swollen. So walked him in the hand for 30 min and rode him only in 30 min I. Trott today!

After was Quin and Teddy’s turn! Niki rode Teddy, and I had Quin! We went for a ride in the forest!

When we were back from riding in the forest I rode dressage on Teddy! He was still a bit fresh and un concentrated, maybe because of the wind? Was better in the end!

Next was Ice Tea, he had very hard dressage today, he was quite strong and not specially active, so had to activate his hind legs and make him soft in front! Good the last 15 min of the training

Then Picsou! It was a jumping lesson at the paddock same time as I was riding him! Made him very wild😂 I am happy that’s he’s happy!

Alf’i was on the treadmill, and Jill in the paddock!

Next day, Friday! Weekend and Easter!

Day started with Teddy! Niki had clipped him before I came so she continued to clip Duc and I saddled Teddy myself! Teddy was TOP today! Very active, much more concentrated, rode over some poles and he was super! I took care of him myself after also, since Niki was clipping and here’s a fun fact! This rug I have had since I was 17 years old, this year I become 34 so the rug is 17 years old! The purple Rambo rug. I had two, for my horses Mason and Greatest Parida!

Next horse was Picsou! He had to do the treadmil for 1 hour, since he was so wild yesterday! So today he was just perfect! Even canter over some poles!next was Quin! Forest riding today also! He was good, a little spooky in the beginning, but after TOP! Trained a lot on keeping him straight, Cause he really want to put his ass to the left

Niki was waiting for me with Duc, and took Quin back to the stablesDuc had a little harder dressage today! The foot and the fungus was already better!

After this Niki had to go to a appointment,- and I had to pick up Francois and get the truck! When I got back I felt tired so me and Ice Tea went to do some forest riding! Just calm, but a lot of gallop! A tips is to not do training if you are tired or irritated! Like Ice Tea today needed to work a lot on his canter and to activate it and stay light! In the paddock I have to activate it myself, but in the forest he is active on his own and I only need to focus to keep him light in the hand! And that’s easier if you are tired! He beaches super

Now in the evening we have been to the gym and are currently watching TV!

Here’s a outfit selfi! JEM L ridingpants, Fendi pullover, Louis Vuitton scarf, bag, belt and bracelet! happy easter!

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