Sunday and jumping with PICSOU

Me and ❤️Francois had a cozy breakfast 🐣🐥 before we headed to the stables! Together! All horses was going to jump, also for the first time in 1.5 year Picsou got to jump again! BIG EXCITEMENT!!!!

Started with Quin, ground felt a bit hard to did not jump high, focused most in getting him straight! Went good next was Duc, we put the gymnastic line a bit higher for him, but was just light work! He was very calm! He did not feel the need to get hot and excited about the jumps he was offered today! So it was very relaxing the PICSOU! Warmed him up a long time and took out first jump! AFTER 1.5 years! So much fun and I have already start to dream about all the fun things we will do together !!SO HAPPY!!!!!


Next was Ice Tea! Also calm! Got to do one a little bigger vertical where the ground felt good! He waited and was very ridable

Tessa trotted off Ice Tea for me! She’s wearing black/pink JEM ONE SEEM! I’m Wearing Navy JEM! And a Dior turtle neck, Dior scarf and Dior belt! Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet

last to jump was Teddy! He got it try the line a bit bigger today and it went super! Still need to work A LOT on the right canter specially

Gym in the evening

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