A quick sum up of the last days

went to pick up my BFF Anneli that has come to help me with the horses!

I also got some Belgian fiends, Joke and her beautiful daughter!

we went for a nice ride in the forest! We did a lot of Gallop, high speed and collected canter

rode all the horses in the forest, and afterwords me Anneli packed the stuff to go to the show!

Started to drive 06.00! Arrived at the show and did some flatwork on the horses! They were all very soft and easy to ride

after riding me and Anneli went in to Lyon and had some macrons!

Tommy Hilfiger! Tommy Girl my outfit! Gucci shirt and shoes that I got for Christmas

First day at the show, and Quin and me was clear!

Ice Tea has a good round! And got carrots after

Teddy did not jump the first day, but I rode him on the flat, worked mostly on the quality of the right canter

Cuddles with Quinsecond day at the show! Went good also! Will post all the videos on Instagram! We took some pictures of Valentine equine shirts! Cool I think Teddy’s class started at 19.00 so I rode him a little on the flat around 12.30, he was really nice todaylook how quite Duc is in his new head collar! I’m wearing JEM ridingbreeches in white and Hermès shirt

Ice Tea also, so pretty with his plaits

another show shirt from Valentine equin!

Some of the horses lunch jumping with Ice TEA and Ducand Teddy was jumping under the lights and behaved super

5 thoughts on “A quick sum up of the last days”

  1. It were beautiful days Eva! Teddy is such a sweet horse. Altough he is so tall against my little chestnut 😂 thanks for the tips in Genève city! And I love my new ridingpants 😘

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