Wednesday, vet and dinner out

Felt sick and flue like in my body when I woke up! So my planed mountain walk was swapped for a 4000m light run.

After that I went to the stables!

Daniel came to check all the horses! Most of them was perfect!

After that I rode Picsou! Went in the big paddock first, but he was so calm so I decided to go for a forest ride with him! He was fine at first, but then he probably wanted to run really fast at the same time as I wanted to gallop slow.. so he gave me some seriously rodeo! I staid on, and could ride a little bit more before I headed home!next horse to ride was Duc! He has had two days off after the show but behaved perfect as always! Dressage for him! Mostly stretching! last one to ride today was Ice Tea! We went in the forest! He just loves that! He was also super today! Not strong at all! Really perfect!

Teddy is making progress on the treadmill! He’s getting more relaxed and can now partly walk on it without being confused, when he gets confused he stoops walking and looks down and goes backwards with the band, before he jumps forward! But today it was almost normal!

In the evening we went to the gym and afterwords out to eat dinner!

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