Thursday with ❤️Francois

Day started with doctor appointment! ❤️Francois came with me!

After that we went to the stables!

Started with Quin! My outfit: JEM ridingbreeches in Black, Hermès shirt and belt, Kep ITALIA helmet and Parlanti Passion boots

Rode a little dressage in the big pad, while ❤️Francois gave me very good tips how to ride him rounder and use his hind legs and back better!

Quin is scared of a peacock next to the stables so ❤️Francois took me and Quin on a walk afterwords! Quin loves ❤️Francois and follow him everywhere!

Next one was Picsou! Dressage in the paddock under the supervision of ❤️Francois! He was working TOP today! a lot of energy! And very soft in both sides! He listen really well to me today! And I listen to ❤️Francois we also went on a little forest ride! It was less rodeo today! Haha! Will try every day until he’s super calm and a good boy like before! He LOVES forest riding and can be a bit feed up if he needs to work to much in the paddock!

Next Ice Tea! Dressage! He was amazing today! Best ever I think! Soft in front, carrying himself! Hind legs working! No protest in the side movements! HAPPYLast to ride today for me was Duc! We went out and had some hard core interval training! And had a Instagram live session on our way back!!went homeJogging outside 30 min and 20 min on the treadmill at the gym! Me and ❤️Francois had dinner at home and just watched tv and snuggled in the evening!

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