Friday, riding

Started the day with a 4k run at home

Stables! Quin first! took some pictures of us in the sun, matching our outfits! Im wearing my Navy JEM riding breeches from Pro Horse International! can’t wait for the web shop to open! Gucci pullover, Hermes belt, Dior Scarf and Parlanti passion boots!

Forest riding for Quin! Anneli tagged along so quintillion’s felt safe and happy! really lovely weather! galloped a lot! Worked him in dressage on the trail the last 10 min of active riding! he was super! I think its very important to ride as much as possible on different ground with your horse! To keep the mind happy, and the body healthy

Picsou was next! he has been so wild in the forest so today I really rode hi n the big pad before I went out! and he Behaved perfect! could gallop without him trying any tricks on me! So very happy with him today!

Ice Tea had forest riding today also! with him I I galloped a lot, but really a lot. Its like he goes trough 3 phases, phase one, really fresh, stone and want to run fast. 2, perfect, soft in the hand and pushing with the handlegs a lot because he still thinks about going full speed. 3. he is starting to be tired and wants to put the wight of his head in my arms. At this stage I’m also getting tired, but I keep going cause I want him to get in better shape an me also

Duc had dressage today, he had hard interval training yesterday!So I focused a lot on use making him deep and loose, to stretch out from yesterday! he was good as always! Even though I was bending hi a lot, I still need to focus on making him straight! so in the left canter I had to move the front part on to the track of the backpart to the left so he would be straight 

Picsou Gym

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