Saturday, dinner out and some thoughts

Day started with a doctor appointment!

After that riding! Light dressage in the forest for Quin and Picsou followed by medium hard interval training for Duc! Did not want to do to much today since we are going to jump tomorrow!

I’m wearing my super cool JEM L ridingbreeches! Gucci sweatshirt and belt, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet!

Had dressage with Ice Tea! Just really low shape, made sure he did not hang on the bit! Totally funny picture if us, trying to give him a kiss!

I let him be loose a little in the big pad after riding! He loves it so much! I let him loose after riding cause then he was proper warmed up and that’s better! Also they are less wild, and then they hopefully does not run that fast! Love the picture! All 4 legged up!

Teddy has about 45 min in the forest! Behaved good as always! Perfect hack pony!

Build a course for tomorrow and went home!

We had dinner out! And dessert made by me at homepancake with fresh berries, whipped cream, banana ice cream and a little chocolate sauce!

Wanted to share some thoughts with you


  • You are not suppose to get good grades to make your parents happy, you are suppose to get good grades first of all to show you understand and worked for the knowledge, and to build a steady foundation for your future! So you can choose what ever you want!
  • Do your best and try to learn even if you don’t like the teacher, if you really don’t understand it’s not that you are stupid, maybe they are not explaining it to you in a way you are receptive to! Ask for another teacher or go in a smaller group! It’s no shape to get extra help!
  • It’s a shame to waist time in class to play with your phone and talk to friends, this time is for you, for your horizon to expand!

Of course it’s not the only way to succeed in life, you can also jump in to the job marked and do a extra ordinary job so you will be promoted time after time!

I also want to put emphasis on that IT IS OKEY TO CHOOSE WHAT EVER JOB THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT IT IS! If you love working at Coop, that’s great! And you are still as important to us and the world as ,- let’s say Donald Trump, even though your load of responsibility and pay check is totally different!

I will now take a example from my own life! When I started to work right after school, i at one point worked for a very rich family, I had education so I got a slightly better salary than some of the people who worked there together with me. BUT, I still lived in a little room, shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room with 5other people. So including me we lived 6 together!

While the family I worked for was buying horses for millions and could easy spend 15 000 euro on a hand bag when they went shopping a normal Tuesday.

I never thought that they should pay us more, or give us a bigger place to stay just because they could spend that kind of money on them self’s . They had employed young people, some without education and we got paid for the job we did! They also had a 5* groom who had a apartment in town, she got paid more than us! But she had :

  • Education
  • Long work experience
  • Worked there for many years and proved her loyalty
  • Was engaged enough in her job to take care and manage everything that was about the top competition horses she was responsible for!
  • She knew herself when she had to call the blacksmith, when the vet needed to look at a horse, always had the horses perfect clipped, her stables and boxes was in perfect order at all time, she could plan and drive the horses alone to shows, find a extra driver if needed and know where to put the horses out in “travel stables” so they could rest

This is a BIG responsibility and it’s not just given to anyone that just think, ah I can be a groom, it’s hard work so I should be paid a lot. It does not work like that. You get paid for the level you work at!

If someone want the experience of a 5* groom they hire that and pay for it, but if the position is for a more inexperienced groom don’t expect to be paid like a 5*

So we that was living 6 people together on two toilets and showers could many times dream about our own place like the 5* groom had. But if the family wanted to hire more people with her experience and qualification they would have done so. It’s not just because they are rich that they have to over pay us for the position and qualification we had. I was fresh out of school, my first job after, so I was proud of working there, even though the salary was like it was, and we lived together, I learned a lot so I could proceed to Get in to school again and then move up to a job with other advantages, like own place and more pay!

Let’s say you just started to work as a groom at Tops, the head groom gets a lot more paid than you, you think it’s unfair cause you actually does more heavy work than she, you have more boxes to muck out and get less paid. You then think, they are so rich, and the place is so beautiful, why don’t I get 3- 4000 euro a month? I do heavy things. BUT It does not work like that, just because they are rich they don’t have to give you money for free, a employer decides what position they are hiring for, and if you think you will like the job and the pay you apply. -if you then do really good and show that you are a trusted team member I am sure most places gives a race! But it does not happen after 6 months. IF YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO GET A JOB AT LETS SAY TOPS, be grateful for this golden ticket to show them how good you are and work your way up, the sky is the limit!

My advise is not to be jealous of the people who have more than you. Make a list of your goals and work towards them! Save for it, if your dream is to go to the US on holidays, tell all your friends and family, no Christmas or b-day presents, and ask for small amounts of cash to save up for your trip! You will see that it will go quicker than you think! And I am sure what ever you dream about becoming or having you will achieve! While at the same time be positive and kind to everybody on the way!

8 thoughts on “Saturday, dinner out and some thoughts”

  1. Well said about the jobs and effort that you put in being a groom! I know what does it mean and these words are perfect to describe that hard working when you want to do your best.
    Like it, it’s inspirational 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really like what you said about school. I am a college student – which is why I haven’t been reading your blog posts, I’ve been so busy 😦 – and that was a nice reminder and support. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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