Sunday and jumping

Protein pancakes and headed to the stables together me and Francois!

Quin was the first horse! Me and Anneli had build a course with the gymnastic line and also a oxer with 3 strides to a vertical! I focused a lot in keeping Quin straight, he want to go a little to the left and also to put his handle on a track in the inside of the frontlegs when I ride on the left side. it is going better and better, and he jumped very good! check out our matching outfit! Black Pink! I’m wearing the JEM ONE SEEM ridingbreeches, Yves Saint Laurent pullover, Kep Italia Helmet and Parlanti Passion boots. 

Duc, he was good today, had a rain down on the vertical after the over cause both me and him did not take enough time. its important to stay focused, take time and breath, be relaxed with focus on jumping the jumps clear in the best possible way for your horse!

Duc was a little hot today, but other than that perfect! Or actually in one corner he was very irritated, could be because it was a lot of flies down there, he hates flies, and they are coming back now. He was almost kicking after them!

Francois was happy with us, and I am happy he was there to give me some great advises on how to jump the vertical after the oxer better!Ice Tea needed a long dressage warm up today , it was a lot warmer today than it has been the other days. He felt a bit lazy bit running in the beginning, at the same time as he was hanging in the hand. So hind legs had to be activated and neck and mouth had to be soft. By the time we started jumping he was super!

Picsou was the last horse for me to jump today! he is so happy to jump again, after he has taken the first jump he can’t stand still anymore!We still take it easy with him and are bulging him up slowly, even though we know he can fly high over big jumps, it his life and we want him to stay healthy and have a long healthy life. So one step at a time! Today he jumped a little more than two weeks ago! 

Look at this Happy face

Teddy was praising the treadmill, under the monitoring of Francois! He is not relaxed at all there yet, and walked so strange! But it is getting better and better! we only keep him on for like 10 to 20 min max!Nothing more to write than normal, gym, really good dinner at home!

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